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Abortion Information in Warrensburg, MO

We provide education on abortion pills, surgical abortion procedures, and emergency contraceptives.

If pregnancy wasn't in your plans, you have options.

Before you know which direction to go, it’s important to verify that you’re actually pregnant and that the pregnancy is viable.  A positive home pregnancy test is an indicator of pregnancy, not a confirmation. We provide free ultrasounds, the only 100% way to confirm a pregnancy, to anyone who is experiencing an unexpected pregnancy. If you are considering abortion, your health and safety are very important to consider before you make a decision. 

Our client advocates and nurses are here for you.  We want to empower you to make the best choice for you.  To do that, you need ALL of the facts.

We will help you with information about your options, including abortion, parenting, and adoption.


RU-486: The Abortion Pill

How does the abortion pill work? How late can it be taken? 

D&C and D&E Abortions

Learn more about the different types of surgical abortions and how they are performed.

Plan B and Ella

Learn more about emergency contraceptives and how they work.

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