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Nurse performing an early pregnancy ultrasound.

Ultrasound Services

An ultrasound is the only method that can 100% confirm a pregnancy, determine viability (if it’s a live pregnancy), and tell you how far along you are.

Having a limited OB ultrasound to determine the status of your pregnancy is important to help you with the decisions you must make. An ultrasound can help identify:

  • Are you really pregnant?

  • How far along you are in the pregnancy.

  • The location of your pregnancy.

  • If the pregnancy is in the fallopian tubes (or is an ectopic pregnancy) then you will need to seek immediate medical attention.

  • As many as 31% of all pregnancies will naturally miscarry.

Even if you have a positive pregnancy test, over 30% of pregnancies end in natural miscarriage. An ultrasound will help determine if your pregnancy is viable or if you are going to miscarry. You will have access to a free ultrasound when you visit New Beginnings and have a positive pregnancy test at the center.

Why Should I Get an Ultrasound?

If you are planning to continue your pregnancy, an ultrasound can help you know if your pregnancy is developing and if the fetus is healthy. An ultrasound can also more accurately calculate your due date.

Do I Need an Ultrasound Before an Abortion?

If you are considering abortion, it is very important that you first have an ultrasound to see if the pregnancy is viable. Abortion costs vary depending on how far along you are which can also only be verified through a diagnostic ultrasound. ​ Our highly trained and experienced nurses can provide you with a free, confidential ultrasound. You will receive information on your pregnancy status, enabling you to make an informed decision. ​ 

What’s Next?

Make an appointment today to confirm your pregnancy and learn more about all your pregnancy options so you can make a fully informed choice.

Note: Ultrasounds are limited and by appointment only.

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