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STI Testing and Treatment

 At New Beginnings Women’s Center, testing for gonorrhea and chlamydia can be performed on the same urine sample that you provide for your pregnancy test, or we can provide this limited STI testing as a single service. If you test positive for one of these infections, treatment is available at no cost to you. Testing and treatment referral appointments are also available for your partner if your test is positive. 

when should I get tested?

You need to get tested if:

  • you've recently had unprotected sex

  • you've had a change in partners

  • you have experienced itching or burning in your pelvic area

  • you have scheduled an abortion

You may need to get tested even if you have no symptoms or consistently use a condom. Sex always carries the risks of STIs and STDs, even oral and anal sex.

holistic care

We believe sexual health is more than just the results of STD/STI testing and a stringent birth control regimen.

Our caring client advocates understand the private nature and complexities of sexual health issues. That's why we offer free counseling, sexual health education, and interactive educational opportunities that will help you achieve your overall health goals.

We are here for you with compassionate care and a safe, confidential place to talk about relationships and sexual health. 

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