Sexual Health Concerns

Sex is a big deal.  Make informed decisions.

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Pregnancy is not the only thing to be concerned about after having sex.  If you have had sex, you may have gotten more than you bargained for.  It is important to get tested.

At New Beginnings Women's Center, STD testing can be performed on the same urine sample that you provide for your pregnancy test.  If you test positive for one of these infections, treatment is available at no cost to you.  Testing and treatment referral appointments are also available for your sexual partner.  Make an appointment today.

Types of STIs/STDs

STIs (sexually transmitted infections) and STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) are common.  Some can be cured.  Some cannot.  Many have lifelong effects.  The most alarming aspect of current Missouri STI/STD facts is that many STIs/STDs exhibit no signs or symptoms.  If you are a Missouri resident or a student living here who is worried that you may have been exposed to an STD, the only way to determine whether or not you are infected is through simple STD testing.

For more information, make an appointment to talk with one of our healthcare professionals.

Know the Facts. It's Your Choice

  • You make the decision whether or not to expose yourself to STDs.  The number of infected people is constantly increasing and most of these people do not even know that they are carriers of a disease.
  • They all have consequences no one wants.
  • Over 19,000,000 people get an STI every year.  Over 60% of these people are under 25 years old.3
  • If you become infected, you probably will not know it, at least at first.  It can take months or even years for symptoms to show.  But you can infect other sexual partners during this time.
  • For women who are infected with Chlamydia or Gonorrhea there is a greater chance of developing Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, or PID.  PID causes about 100,000 women to become infertile each year with permanent damage to the reproductive organs.3
  • The epidemic of STDs has increased the danger of sexual activity dramatically.3
  • Be in a long-term mutually monogamous relationship.  Have sex only with someone who only has sex with you.

You can avoid the consequences of STIs and STDs, but it is a choice only you can make.

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